Why Call Us?

You have a ton of options for photography out there, and we realize that.  From department store studios, to the new camera your friend got for Christmas, to folks who've been doing this a lot longer than we have, to the camera on the back of your iPhone...yep, we're definitely not the only game in town.  But, we feel like we have something to offer you, and would like to share with you a few of the things you can expect from us.


You Want Your Photos to Look Good

You know the feeling...you've made the appointment, picked out the clothes, changed the clothes after the inevitable drink/mud/fill-in-the-blank accident, gotten to your photo shoot, only to have a terrible experience.  Whether it's forced smiles, blurry images, screaming children, weird shadows, squinting into the sun, or any other number of things that always seem to sabotage your family pictures, we understand.  When you want truly great photos of your loved ones, it's a lot more than just pointing a camera and clicking the shutter.

As photographers, we recognize that having quality photography equipment makes our job easier.  You'd have a hard time cutting a steak with a butter knife, crossing the ocean in a canoe, mowing the lawn with a pair of scissors...you get the idea.  On the other hand, even the best equipment is only as capable as its operator at performing the job it's intended to perform.  Over the last several years, we've researched, practiced, tried new things, learned what works (and what doesn't!), and are constantly striving to improve our craft and put the best possible images into your hands.


You Don't Want to Go To The Dentist

Not trying to be "anti-dentite" here (and we do personally know some great dentists if you're interested!), but when you think of enjoyable experiences, often a visit to the Dentist's Office isn't at the top of the list.  Having your pictures taken doesn't have to be something you dread.  We've worked with all ages of folks and know that not everyone fits into the same one-hour slot, with the same props and poses and techniques, and filled with the overriding sense that you've got to be done before the next appointment arrives.  

We've heard it all, whether it's folks who tell us "I hate my smile," parents who apologetically tell us "my baby just gets fussy for no reason," individuals who "just don't like people taking pictures of me," and kids who "DON'T WANT MY PICTURE TAKEN!!!" And we think that's all ok!  While having photos made may never be your most favorite thing in the world, we're willing to bet that you'll still have a good time doing it with us!  It's not going to be weird or uncomfortable, and we promise not to keep you forever.  And when you see the results, we're confident that you'll be pleased not only with the images, but with the experience as well.


You Want to Eat Tomorrow

Everyone loves having good looking photos of themselves and their families.  But even more than that, everyone loves having a home, a car, regular meals, clothes to wear, etc.  What your folks always told you growing up still holds true: "money doesn't grow on trees."  We certainly understand that, and we do our best to make excellent photography accessible to the average family, not just the independently wealthy!

We know that everyone has different needs, so we don't try to fit everyone into the same box.  We'll give you a disc of your best pictures to use on Facebook, blogs, Christmas cards, or whatever else you have in mind, without asking you to take out a second mortgage on your home.  We also offer a huge selection of print sizes and products that feature your photos.  Beyond that, whether it's weddings, anniversaries, special events, commercial photography, or some other specific need you have, we do our best to keep things simple and affordable and not hold your photos for ransom from you.  Because, let's be honest, they look a lot better on your walls and social network pages than they will stored away on our computer!


Nobody Wants an Eternal Zit

You know how it goes.  The checkout lines are never full at this hour...unless you're in a hurry.  There's never a cop on that road...unless you're speeding.  And you never have problems with your complexion...until it's time for pictures.  Not to worry!  Minor acne, cuts and scrapes, and even closed eyes can usually be taken care of before you ever see the finished product.  Whether it's something in the background, or one member of a family that didn't quite get their best smile on when everyone else did, we'll do our best to bring out the best in your photos.  


You Want Your Photos to Be "You"

Some folks walk into a restaurant and know exactly what they'll be having for lunch that day.  Others ask the waitress what's good and will randomly pick something from that short list.  The same holds true with your family's photographs.  You may know exactly what you want, from poses and props to locations.  Or you may simply want quality images of your loved ones, and the particulars aren't all that concerning to you.  Either way, we want to work with you to make your photos uniquely "you."  If you would like ideas, suggestions, or for us to simply "do our thing," we will be more than happy to.  However, if you know what you want, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.  After all, it's not us, but you that we ultimately want to be satisfied with the finished product.

We're constantly adding to our list of props and studio backdrops, as well as scouting available shooting locations, to help give you images that best represent who you are.  Let's start a conversation today about exactly what those photos would look like!