Tohatchi, NM, Mission Trip

For Spring Break our family joined others from Calvary and a few other area churches for a mission trip to the Navajo nation.  We worked with Pastor Aaron Jim and Tohatchi Baptist Church to meet some of the physical needs of folks in his area.  That enables us (and especially him and his church members later on down the road) to share with folks who might not otherwise care to listen about a God who loves them enough to send folks out to provide them with a home, or a new roof, or a woodshed, or a new outhouse.  You can see more snapshots from the trip of Facebook here, and what follows below are a few of my favorites and shots that don't necessarily "fit" the typical trip slideshow. :)

The final step to completing the woodsheds that are distributed on the Reservation is a stencil reminding folks where these things came from:


Suzie the Mule accompanied us as we traveled between three homes that were set pretty close together.  She was friendly...

The steeple atop Tohatchi Baptist Church.

Some of the homes and landscape on the Reservation.


Views of the worksites

That is one filthy child...


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