School Photography Samples

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A few notes on school photos:

1. We generally use the gray backdrop for school photography, but have other options (including green screen) available as well.

2. Seniors can be taken with cap and gown, tux and drape, and/or "photo day" attire.

3. The fourth photo down (Mrs. West in the green) is an example of a staff photo; we provide staff photography for yearbook, name badges (and can provide the badges as well if desired), promotional purposes, etc.

4. Class photos can be taken wherever the school prefers; the samples below show both inside (with a backdrop) and outside (weather permitting).  We put a school-color border around class photos for print purposes, but also provide an "un-bordered" digital copy for yearbook purposes.

5. Just a reminder, Damon + Erin Photography returns 15% of our net profits from school photography sales back to your school!

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