School Photography Samples

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A few notes on these photos:

1. We prefer to provide backdrops similar to these for preschool photos, but are also more than happy to provide a more traditional mottled gray at the preference of the school.

2. Class photos can be taken in whatever setting (indoor or outdoor) is appropriate for the age and number of students, as agreed upon between school and photographer.  We put a border around class photos for print purposes, but also provide an "un-bordered" digital copy for memory book purposes.

3. Don't miss the Kindergarten cap and gown photos at the end.

4. Just a reminder, Damon + Erin Photography returns 15% of our net profits from school photography sales back to your school!

IMG_1831-EditIMG_1831-Edit IMG_7786-EditIMG_7786-Edit IMG_0213IMG_0213 IMG_8194-EditIMG_8194-Edit

IMG_0017-EditIMG_0017-Edit IMG_1884-EditIMG_1884-Edit IMG_7919-EditIMG_7919-Edit GoldenEagles 8x10 2018-19GoldenEagles 8x10 2018-19

Kinder Photo 8x10 2017-18Kinder Photo 8x10 2017-18

IMG_3733-EditIMG_3733-Edit IMG_8669-EditIMG_8669-Edit