Fall Favorites

As an official first entry here, I'm posting a few of my favorites from the end of 2010.  As you can see, it spans the distance from cotton harvest to Christmas.  Future entries won't be quite so broad, but these were some shots that I hated not to share.  The link to these photos' album is here or at the bottom of the page, from there you can share comments on individual images.  Thanks for reading!


I spent my growing up years literally surrounded by cotton fields. (Ok, maybe if we're truly being literal I spent my growing up years surrounded, at least most of the time, by clothing.  And if you've seen Nacho Libre you know that beneath the clothes, we find a man.  And beneath the man, we find...his nucleus.)  And as we all know, it's easy to miss the wonder of the things around you, no matter how cool they are, when they're, well, always around you.  

So now, being a "city-dweller," it's fun to get out of what has now become commonplace and familiar and venture out into the fields again...

Greeting the Sun

We headed out to the greater Fieldton area to get Brian & Cindy and the ones who really run things in the midst of the best crop in years.

The Crop's Gone to the Dogs!

And the kids and Nana took the opportunity to get in the cotton as well.

In the Cotton With Nana

I got to go to Ceta Canyon in November for what I considered a "Reset Retreat" to take some time to get quiet, do some reading, and center in on what God had to say.  These are a few from walking the canyon.

Green in the Canyon

Forgotten Steps

Changing Leaves



In Plain Sight

Our church had a few geese stop by on their way...somewhere.  It's odd, you get used to seeing tons of geese on and around the lakes in town.  You can only assume, then, that the geese who end up on the grass on the south end of our church land (with no water in sight) are the castoffs of goose society.  I felt bad for them, but to be honest, they weren't particularly friendly to me during our photo shoot, so I can see perhaps why the "water geese" have separated themselves from the anti-social "land geese"...

A Break on the Journey South

This is a decoration at my parents' house from Christmas.


The remainder of these are of our family.  The first is of a model I stumbled upon and was able to convince to not only marry me, but also to stand in the midst of some trees on a breezy fall day.  I'm not sure which is the more impressive feat...

Autumn Beauty

We got to see the whole Turner clan for Christmas (a rare occurrence in recent years) in Amarillo, and the kids enjoyed Mike & Kathie's horses.

Up Close With Suzie

Avery got a Barbie Car for Christmas (say it in your best Boston accent for the true Avery experience: "Bahbie Cah") and was thrilled to take it for a spin.

Driver in Training

The final shot here is of our resident artist.  A budding master in various elements, whether crayon, marker, or pen, he's excellent at not only drawing his own lines, but staying within them as well.  Which puts him squarely ahead of me in that respect.  The subject here, if you're interested, is all things Lego Batman.

Artist At Work

Thanks for reading.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, which you can share within the Fall 2010 gallery page.