Another Season, Another Reason...For Making Cookies!

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With Valentine's Day upon us, Erin and the kids took it upon themselves to bake and decorate cookies.  While my occasional ideas for family togetherness usually fall flat (you can't tell me "lawn-care day" and "come watch Daddy play basketball at the church day" are bad ideas) Erin has a tendency to hit home runs with fun stuff like this.  So they suited up in their baking aprons and set out on a journey that would either destroy them or bring them greater riches than they could ever dream.  Wait, that's not right...

It all begins with the flour.  And yes, Cayden has discovered that a smile or a frown are not the only options for one's face when it comes to taking pictures.

Getting the dough ready.

The Mixer

Time out!

Final step: icing!

We worked on "spreading" the icing, but usually settled for "gobbing" the icing.  It all tastes the same, right?!

And finally...

A satisfied customer!

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