At the Playground

After the Arctic cold of February, we finally had some warmer weather.  The kids got out one afternoon at home and another at the park to enjoy escaping from the house!

Justin & Andi provided power to the swings.

Lily enjoyed having friends in her territory...almost as much as she enjoyed the milkbone.

The rest are from the park, beginning with a wild-haired child at the top of the slide.  If we ever have a nuclear apocalypse and Avery is a 3-year-old survivor of it, this is what she'll look like.  

The girls rode on the see-saw; I'm going to venture Avery had more fun than Anna, or at least did less of the work in the relationship...

Sharing a vehicle probably works better:

SuperMike leading his troops...

And you can only assume these three are up to no good:

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